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A few years ago, I noticed that practically all Heroes of Might & Magic (HOMM 1) fan sites had vanished off the face of the Internet except for a few. New players to the series could find practically no new user-created maps for the original classic game. This archive is intended to alleviate that gap.

I have not tested the maps you'll see below nor do I know who created most of those. Therefore, I cannot guarantee the quality of those maps, their content and whether or not they're winnable. I have tried not to include any random maps but it's possible some might have slipped in. If some of those maps are yours or if you know who the creators were, please advise me and I'll give proper credit. If you'd prefer your maps to be removed from this site, I'll happily comply with your request.

To submit maps, zip them up with WinZip (or another zip program that compresses files) and send them to me, care of : The Quebec Dragon . Be sure to include the full names of each map and the sizes/map difficulties in the body of the e-mail. No more than 9 maps per zip file or e-mail please. If the maps are not yours, please tell me so I don't give you credit for them by mistake.  DO NOT submit maps made with the random editor!

To use these user-created maps, download, unzip and copy them into your \heroes\maps directory. You will be able to load them from both Heroes of Might and Magic, and the Heroes Editor.

Enjoy the maps and links below, courtesy of the original Azure Dragon and fellow Heroes like you ;-)


 The Quebec Dragon

What's New?

[January 2nd, 2002] Changed my old e-mail to a new one and added one link.

[October 13th, 2001] Back in business at a new, hopefully permanent, host. The new url for this page is: https://members.tripod.com/quebecdragon/homm1.html

[August 22nd, 2000]  Two new maps by Rob Merritt of the now-defunct Rob's Might&Magic page's fame have been added. Unfortunately, he did not keep the maps from his other visitors.

User-Created HOMM 1 Maps
Map Title Size Difficulty Creator
Alantis? Medium  Normal  
Bountiful (5 maps)      
Camelot Large  Tough Matt ???
Chaos Medium Tough
Concentricity Medium  Easy  Phil McCrum
Critical Mass Large Tough  
Cyclops Eye Large Normal Don Wallick
Dirt Large Tough  
Dragon Rider Medium Tough Jason Church
EEEK! Medium  Normal  
Fairy Queen Large Easy Jason Church
Fire and Ice Large Normal  
Flower Medium  Normal  Chinou Tao
Grass Large Tough  
GreySkull Isle Large Tough  
Halloween '97 Large Tough Rob Merritt
Hidden Valleys Medium Tough Phil McCrum
Island Of Doom Large  Tough John Volden
Island Hoping Medium Tough  
LandBridge Large Normal  
Lone Star Medium Normal Rick Volberding
Middle Earth Large Tough John ???
Mighty Empires Large  Tough Matt ???
Monsters Medium  Normal  
Pleasent (sic) Large Easy  
"Ray"Mond Medium  Normal Don E. Riale
Sailing On Medium  Normal  
Sand Castle Medium Tough
Sandbox Large Easy  
Shattered Alliances Medium  Normal Phil McCrum
Snow Bound (5 maps)      
Snow Forest Large Tough Rob Merritt
Snowblind Large Easy Rob Merritt
Swamp Dirt Medium Normal  
The Crusades Large Tough Timothy Albert Kent
The Quest Large Tough Matt ???
Treasure Hunt Medium Normal  
Ultima VI Large Normal  
Urben Wars (sic) 
(5 maps set)

* Very Special Thanks to Kethlia without whom this page would not have been possible.

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